Guidelines for a healthy passenger experience at airports

Today ACI Europe published these guidelines for airports. You can download your copy here ‘With these new Guidelines for a Healthy Passenger Experience at Airports, ACI EUROPE is responding and taking stock of the new reality resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has in a matter of weeks caused a global crisis of unprecedented

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Faster baggage access

The purpose of the Airport Operation Plan (AOP) is to make the airport’s processes more efficient and to offer both inbound and outbound passengers a more pleasant experience. One of the tools Brussels Airport uses to do this is Inbound Allocation. Read more    

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Data, the airport’s crystal ball

We would all like to have a crystal ball. Knowing what the future will bring offers enormous added value, because we can then anticipate the challenges coming our way. At Brussels Airport they do have such a crystal ball, although we all know it better under a different name: data. These days you find data

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