Faster baggage access

The purpose of the Airport Operation Plan (AOP) is to make the airport’s processes more efficient and to offer both inbound and outbound passengers a more pleasant experience. One of the tools Brussels Airport uses to do this is Inbound Allocation. Read more    

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Data, the airport’s crystal ball

We would all like to have a crystal ball. Knowing what the future will bring offers enormous added value, because we can then anticipate the challenges coming our way. At Brussels Airport they do have such a crystal ball, although we all know it better under a different name: data. These days you find data

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Heli Platform

The Airport Operations Plan (AOP) is a system that uses data to streamline all the airport’s processes. Huge amounts of data are meaningless on their own, but processed by applications such as the predictive module, the data can offer a great deal of insight to the staff at the Airport Operations Centre (APOC). To clearly

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Welcome to the future

At Brussels Airport, they do everything to create a safe and secure environment for passengers and employees.  So every day they’re looking for possibilities to further improve operations, while ensuring that the people who guarantee safe and secure operations can do their jobs in the best possible conditions. How do they do that? By making

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AOP Predictive Module

In recent years, the digitalisation process has created a huge amount of data at Brussels Airport. The challenge is to handle all this data intelligently and to use it to improve the experience of both passengers and employees. That is how the Airport Operation Plan (AOP) came about: this plan gives airport employees clever insights into

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