Airports delivering SESAR deployment

On 18th July, the Airports involved in the ATM modernisation projects “Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement”, led by Aéroports De Paris and “Integrating Airport Operations”, led by Brussels Airport Company, met for a joint meeting at Stansted Airport.

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New report acknowledges value of coordinating ATM modernization through SESAR deployment, yet advises financial review

25/06/2019 The European Court of Auditors (ECA) just published a report on the EU’s intervention in the deployment of SESAR. While the report acknowledges the EU-added value of common projects, the report also claims that EU funding in support of ATM (Air Traffic Management)modernisation was often not necessary.SESAR Deployment Manager’s work has been a pioneer

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Partner meeting 23 January 2019 – Brussels

On 23 January, 2019, all project partners involved in the joint application “2017_022_AF2 Synchronised stakeholder decision on process optimization at airport level” met in Brussels, Belgium to present and exchange on their local implementation projects.

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