Integrating Airport Operations is the name of an aviation project reflecting the joint effort made by 14 partners in 8 EU countries to modernize Air Traffic Management (ATM). The aim of this initiative is to synchronise and optimize the process for all aviation stakeholders involved when taking operational decisions at airport level. The main objective of the Integrating Airport Operations project is to close the gap on Initial Airport Operations Plan (iAOP) in the 12 airports and 2 Air Navigation Service Providers involved.

The implementation of the Initial AOP contributes to a more efficient operation at the participating airports, brings benefits in terms of synchronisation, reduced fragmentation and enhanced cross-border connections and thus improves capacity.

Integrating Airport Operations


Faster baggage access

The purpose of the Airport Operation Plan (AOP) is to make the airport’s processes more efficient and to offer both inbound and outbound passengers a more …

Data, the airport’s crystal ball

We would all like to have a crystal ball. Knowing what the future will bring offers enormous added value, because we can then anticipate the …

Heli Platform

The Airport Operations Plan (AOP) is a system that uses data to streamline all the airport’s processes. Huge amounts of data are meaningless on their …

Welcome to the future

At Brussels Airport, they do everything to create a safe and secure environment for passengers and employees.  So every day they’re looking for possibilities to …

AOP Predictive Module

In recent years, the digitalisation process has created a huge amount of data at Brussels Airport. The challenge is to handle all this data intelligently and …

A European Network

The Airport Operations Plan (AOP) is a concept that was defined by the SESAR Joint Undertaking, a working group of the European Commission that is responsible …

Video shows added value SESAR Deployment Manager

Check in this video how SESAR stakeholders experience SESAR Deployment Manager and its added value & what the expectations are for 2020:https://bit.ly/sesardm8 Brussels Airport Company starts at 01':25"  

Airports delivering SESAR deployment

On 18th July, the Airports involved in the ATM modernisation projects “Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement”, led by Aéroports De Paris and “Integrating Airport …


Within the 2017 CEF Transport Calls for Proposal, Brussels Airport Company has, as lead partner, submitted the joint application 2017_022_AF2 “Synchronised stakeholder decision on process optimization at airport level” together with 2 Air Navigation Service Providers and 11 Airport Operators. All project partners are grouped under ‘Integrating Airport Operations’ and can be found here.

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