About the project

The Initial Airport Operations Plan (iAOP) will enhance the local processes in order to ensure the best possible usage of the available capacity and resources and create a positive impact to the network by making available the most actual and reliable data for the network planning process.

The capacity will be improved through optimal use of facilities and services, better use of airport and ATFM slots.

By completing this project, it is expected that all participating airports will have:

  • Optimised airport operations which results in better planning, better information sharing and thus ensure a better impact on the network.
  • Enhanced operational decisions which results in optimized departure surface and arrival management. Implementation of information sharing in order to optimize airport resources data, flight trajectory data and local weather data.

The project will bring benefits in terms of optimised airport operations and enhanced operational decisions through integrated systems. This coordinated approach will ensure:

  • Enhanced level of synchronisation
  • Sharing of best practises among all the participants
  • Reduced fragmentation
  • Enhanced cross-border connections, international (8 EU Countries), national and regional traffic.
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