SESAR Deployment Manager visits Brussels Airport

Today SDM visited Brussels Airport Company and their operational facilities.

Mr Piet Demunter, COO shared:
“It was an honour to welcome Mariagrazia La Piscopia and her team from SESAR Deployment Manager to Brussels Airport Company. We value the collaboration very much. We are fully committed to remain at the forefront of innovations to further streamline operations across all ATM stakeholders, resulting in more resilient, efficient and sustainable operations.”

SDM Executive Director Mariagrazia La Piscopia stated:
“This visit to Brussels Airport Company was very insightful and further strengthened our cooperation with a key operational stakeholder located close to the SESAR Deployment Manager headquarters. Great to see how, despite the enormous impact of the tragic attacks in 2016 and the covid pandemic affecting the entire aviation industry, Brussels Airport Company managed to be compliant with the CP1 regulation 2022 deadlines. 🤝 Many thanks Piet Demunter and his engaged team for all efforts an for having us today and let’s keep on modernising ATM #AsOne team.”

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