European Aviation Environmental Report

The SESAR Deployment Manager has contributed to this important report. They strongly support the initiatives described & emphasize the Common Project One (CP1) contribution towards reduction of fuel and CO2 inefficiencies. CP1 addresses these inefficiencies in several phases of flight, especially the cruise phase, and in 2030 will have reduced the entire CO2 inefficiencies by

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2022 CEF 2 Transport Call for Proposals – opportunities for aviation

Today, the European Commission has launched the 2022 CEF 2 Transport Call for Proposals with a total budget of 5 billion euro to support modernization in European transport and open to all modes, including aviation. There is a great opportunity for SESAR Deployment ATM Modernisation projects to be submitted since the Call objectives include supporting

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SESAR Deployment Programme 2022 approved by European Commission

The SESAR Deployment Programme (SDP) 2022 was approved by the European Commission on 12th August 2022 and can be downloaded via this link European Commission Decision C(2022)5748/12.8.2022 approving the SESAR Deployment Programme 2022 can be found at the following link Modernisation and digitalisation of European Air Traffic Management (ATM) through SESAR implementation is driven by the SESAR

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New consortium behind SESAR Deployment Manager appointed

Modernising Air Traffic Management As One Brussels, Tuesday 31 May 2022 – Today the new consortium behind the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) was officially appointed by the European Commission and will start on 1 June. This new consortium takes over from the SESAR Deployment Alliance, who has been successfully executing the role of SESAR Deployment

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2022 Action Status Report – Submission to CINEA

SDM is pleased to inform you that the 2022 Action Status Reports for the following four Actions, covering the reporting period 1st of January 2021 – 31st of December 2021, have been successfully submitted to CINEA on 30th of March 2022*, together with all collected Member States certifications through the TENtec: SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2015 – Cluster 2 (No. 2015-EU-TM-0196-M) SESAR Deployment Programme implementation 2016 – Cluster 1 (No. 2016-EU-TM-0117-M)

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