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iAOP at Brussels Airport

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The project aims at developing a single platform that centralizes data that is crucial for all operating actors at the airport. This platform will be a unique place depicting data under a visual and very comprehensible format, and will encompass data on passenger, baggage and aircraft processes. Therefore, this will help to have a proactive, collaborative and efficient performance management by every operational stakeholder at the airport.

We will keep a focus on considering Brussels Airport’s environment as a whole, following compliance regarding data storage, and working hand-in-hand with Skeyes to access key data for the Airport and integrate them into our daily processes. This makes them one of our main partners on the project. In addition, we will also work closely with our subcontractors and Airport Community Stakeholders.

To reach our goal in due time, we work in an AGILE way, with gradual & incremental release of new elements on the platform. In 2018, we managed to have 1 first module Live and some others in test. Our focus is now towards 2019 with 17 additional construction zones, with a delivery of Flight Trajectory and Meteo data by Skeyes. For 2020, we will add even more improvements amongst which an upgrade of Meteo info previsions.

EUR 22 million
Brussels Airport
Brussels Airport
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